Swiss & UN humanitarian organisations have appealed for donations for Swat IDP

The International Committee of Red Cross has appealed for donations for internally displaced people (IDP) of SWAT Pakistan. The ICRC is supporting the Pakistan Red Crescent in its response to the displacement crisis, notably by providing clean water and sanitation and health services in its camps in the Malakand and Swabi districts. For more information please visit the following web sites:!OpenDocument

UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has responded promptly to the crisis by setting up 12 registration centres and three new camps for the displaced. But they need help to continue. For more information please visit their web site:

Caritas Switzerland and HEKS (Hilfswerk der Evangelischen Kirchen Schweiz ) are also appealing for donations for Swat IDP. Caritas & HEKS themselves are not on the grounds in Pakistan but collaborates with their partner: Anatolian Development Foundation (ADP)