Swiss Pakistan Society is mobilised to help IDPs of Swat Crisis

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“Swat Crisis is now termed as largest humanitarian and displacement crisis in recent times. There are indications that it is going to be a long haul journey and the displaced people (IDP) have to brave hot summer, monsoon rains and perhaps even the winters out of their homes. Swiss Pakistan Society is collaborating with KaravanPakistan, which has established its presence in Mardan in IDP Camps to help providing relief. Mrs. Yasmeen Lari (Sitara-e-Imtiaz), founder and chairperson of Heritage Foundation and KaravanPakistan, is leading the efforts. They have established a base camp in "Sheikh Shehzad Camp" in Mardan.

We request you to support us in these efforts and help us to generate the required funds. Here please find the payment methods for donations.
Our strategy, tactics and cost estimates are detailed below:

Present Situation:

More than 2.8 million IDP (400’000 Families) are registered and distributed in various cities of NWFP province of Pakistan. Out of those, about 10% are registered in 12 major camps and rest are outside the camps with family, friends or on their own. Mardan City has the largest population of IDPs. In the camps, organisations like Pak Govt, UNHCR, ICRC and Muslim brotherhood (Ummah) and others are providing for food, non-food, health & education support. However, rapidly expanding volume of IDP is overwhelming the resources. Resultantly, the priorities are reduced to support only very basic needs. This situation is creating hygiene and sanitation issues, which, if not addressed pre-emptively, may cost lot of human lives. Since the last few days the situation has dramatically deteriorated in camps and even the basic items such as food and drinkable water are short of supplies. For more information See UNHCR Press briefings (Link to page with Content 3)

KaravanPakistan Strategy:

Mrs. Yasmeen Lari (Sitara-e-Imtiaz) - the Chair Person of KaravanPakistan & Heritage Foundation has listed in the news letters, their priorities for focused interventions and support to IDP. Following are the main areas of their focused interventions:

  1. Improvement of Camp Environment – through Construction Focus Team
  2. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – through WASH Focus Team
  3. Women’s Needs – through Women Focus Team
  4. Children Wellness – Trough Children Focus Team

Swiss Pakistan Society’s Strategy:

We have actively collaborated with Mrs. Yasmeen Lari and her team members in designing the above mentioned area of Focus. The Swiss Pakistan Society is contributing in generating donations to finance KaravanPakistan’s following two focused interventions:

  1. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – through WASH focus team
  2. Women’s Needs – through Women Focus Team

Tactics & Mechanics:

  1. Distribute to 5000 IDP families a “WASH-KIT” (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) for 40 days ration. The kit costs PKR 500/family (CHF 7.30) and includes:
    Water Disinfection Tablets (AquaTab - Chlorine Dioxide 33mg), toothpaste and 6 tooth brushes, disinfectant Soap, washing powder (Surf excel), Dettol multi purpose disinfectant liquid, scabies treatment cream, nail cutter and Sanitary Towels
  2. Instruction flyers, in local languages and pictures to explain use of AquaTab – Water Disinfection Tablets, SODIS -Solar Water Disinfection method, and other hygiene issues
  3. Induct volunteers from local camps and students from nearby universities. The volunteers are divided into Focus Groups. Volunteers visit the families and explain the use of WASH KIT and other interventions. Volunteers are organised into 3 tiers i.e. Master Trainers, Trainers and Locals. Local volunteers are paid for their services.
  4. For Women Focus, Set up a large community tent with 20-40 sewing machines. Cut piece cloths are distributed to women and they could come to the sewing centre to make dresses for family members. Those who know how to sew well could earn money by sewing for others. We are asking textile mills owners to donate 5-7meter Cut-Piece dress for ladies and children.

Cost & Financing Targets:

  • WASH-KIT, for 5000 families, @ PKR 500/kit (CHF 7.3, USD 6.30), Total PKR 2.5 million (CHF 36’500)
  • Cost of volunteers, Bus transport and boarding, @PKR 10’000/day (CHF 150, USD 125), Total for 30 days PKR 300’000 (CHF 4500)
  • 20 sewing machines total PKR 60’000 (CHF 900, USD 750)

Total Financing Target for accomplishing this strategy is = PKR 3 million, CHF 45’000, USD 37’500

Your generous contribution towards this target will be greatly appreciated. Please use this document with various payment methods.


Saad Khan, Vice President, Swiss Pakistan Society, (Coordinator for humanitarian activities)
Cell: +41(76) 5684191

Mr. Sohail Mirza, Executive Vice President, Swiss Pakistan Society
Cell: +41(79)4471106
Land: +41(61)6316406

Brigadier Yasub Dogar, Honorary Member, Swiss Pakistan Society
Cell: +92 (300)8414114

Karavan Pakistan
Swat SOS Helpline (92) 313-5959566,