The Membership of the Society is subject to the approval of the Society's Board and is of the following kinds:

  1. Corporate:
    - Any corporation having business interests in Pakistan or Switzerland
  2. Ordinary:
    - Individual
    - Family
    - Students
    (Swiss or Pakistan citizens or any juridical person having headquarters in Switzerland or Pakistan)

Membership Procedure

  1. Fill in the membership request form
    - Online registration form
    - Download printable form
  2. Pay the membership fee including the registration fee by using a postal payment slip
    - Click here for a sample of the postal payment slip; you could get such a slip from any post office in Switzerland.
Fees Registration Fee Annual Subscription
Corporate Membership: CHF. 200.00 CHF. 200.00
Individual Membership: CHF. 10.00 CHF. 35.00
Family Membership: CHF. 10.00 CHF. 50.00
Student Membership: CHF. 5.00 CHF. 15.00