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Shaujat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital And Research Center
Address:7-A, Block R-3, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan
Telephone:Tel: +92 42 5945100 UAN: 111-155-555 Toll Free Number: 0800-11555
Mayo Hospital Lahore
Address:Sandra Road, Lahore City, Punjab, 54000 Pakistan
Services Hospital
Address:Services Institute of Medical Sciences Services Hospital, Jail Road, Lahore Punjab, Pakistan
Telephone:phone: 92+42+9203402-22 UAN:111-22-44-22 fax: 92+42+9203426
DAWN Rehabiltation Centre For Disabled , Lahore
Address: H-60 Matqui Mansion 57 Mozang Road Opposite Out Door Block Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore
Telephone:Ph.+92-042 - 6371389, 042-6370910.cell. 0300 - 945
Doctors Hospital Lahore
Address:152-G/1 Canal Bank, Johar Town ,Lahore 54590 Pakistan
Telephone: Ph.+92- 42- 5302701 - 14
Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore
Address:Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Ghaus-al-Azam (Jail Road)
Jinnah Hospital Lahore
Address:Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Road,Lahore 54550 Pakistan
HOPE Rehabilitation Center for Disabled
Address:HOPE Rehabilitation Center 31-A, Johar Town. Molana Shaukat Ali Road,Lahore, Pakistan
Telephone:Ph.+92-042 5177790 up to 93
Fatima Memorial Hospital
Address:Fatima Memorial System, Shadman, Lahore, Pakistan
Telephone:Phone: 042-111-555-600 Fax: 042-7570586
Gualab Devi Chest Hospital
Address:Gulab Devi Chest Hospital Ferozpur Road,Lahore. Pakistan.
Telephone:92-42-9230247-50 Fax No. 92-42-9230867
Mumtaz Bakhtawar Hospital
Address:Wahdat Road Branch Opposite Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore
Telephone:Tel: 92-42-5434960-61 Fax: 92-42-5422639

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